On the Next 57 days

I leave for China in 57 days.

August 21st is D-Day. Now that my project is complete (see last post for how much of a relief that is!), here are a few things I must do:

  1. Complete the Visa process
  2. Formally apply for teaching credential
  3. Finish my last class to earn my Master’s degree
  4. Compile a more Shanghai-appropriate wardrobe
  5. Order a new suitcase set and traveling equipment which may, I hope, last for the remainder of my life (any suggestions would be appreciated!)
  6. Write cards to everyone who may want to follow my adventures in China to tell them about this blog (Hi Everyone!)
  7. Identify all of the things that are easier or cheaper to purchase here
    1. Purchase all of those things
    2. Figure out how I am going to get those things to China
  8. Restart learning Chinese
    1. (I was using Duolingo and Drops for a few months but stopped about a month ago due to stress)
  9. Try to identify as many potential problems with the move as possible and seek solutions to those problems
  10. Prepare for the classes I am going to teach in China!!!!
    1. This is the one I will probably most regret not spending the most time on

So I am by no means done and I cannot relax before I go. But most of these are exciting or at least interesting, so my fears of procrastination or laziness preventing me from tackling them are probably ill-suited.

So I should probably stop writing here and get started on something on this list now!

PS For the careful planners out there, I have already purchased a flight and have an apartment set up for me by the school. The school is also providing me with transportation from the airport to my apartment, so I do not have to worry about those parts!

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