On this Project


Thank you for joining me on my adventure.  And as with any adventure, no one knows exactly what they are getting themselves into as they take their first step.

The purpose of this blog is for me to track and for you, dear readers, to follow the notable and interesting steps I take on my journey.  I hope to post about the milestones and maladies along the way. I hope to introduce you to people I meet and the experiences we share. I hope to use this as a place to explore my thoughts and feelings, seek and find advice, and, maybe on occasion, vent my frustrations. I hope to post pictures, videos, essays, and stories.  In other words, just as I do not know where my journey will take me, I do not yet know where my journal will go.

I will go into greater detail about what, exactly, my journey will be in a later post. I have some expectations and dreams for what my journey will be, but those aren’t particularly interesting to write about until they are either betrayed or confirmed by reality. But here are a few expectations I have of what this space is and will be:

  1. I want this to be interactive. I will allow comments on all of my posts and have set up a Contact Me page. If you have anything you’d like to say, please say so! I will certainly respond to questions and suggestions.
  2. I expect to update this blog at least once-a-week from here until I decide to close this project. Updates may be much more common than weekly.

So I hope you will find this as a useful and interesting place. The only audiences for whom I have ever written were my poor teachers and friends who were contractually obligated to read my thoughts. So I must say, I feel a bit nervous about posting here publically. For all to read. But I hope I have the courage throughout my travels to be honest and complete in my experiences.

But, to begin this honesty, I am doing this project for me.  I will continue to post here even if no one reads. I want this to be a record for me to return to; a perch from which I can oversee my progress and changes. I will probably continue to keep a private journal for all of the daily tedium, but this place is an opportunity for both you and me to track and follow the experiences that are worth remembering and sharing.

I have found myself hoping for a lot of things over the course of thinking about and writing this post.  Hope, for all of its virtues, is never surprising. We hope for a great many things when we travel: safety, novelty, the sublime.

There can be no adventure without hope; hope is what turns a pedestrian walk down the street into a quest for insights and novelty.

Here is to hope.

Here is to adventure.

Here is to the first step.



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